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October 2015 Lunch N Learn – Executive Lessons for Reputation Risk and Crisis Management

Gulf Coast Chapter PRSA Presents
Executive Round Table with America’s Crisis Guru®
James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

11:30 AM – 2 PM at the Hilton Naples

Price: $27.00 PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter Members / $49.00 non-members
Register online here

James E Lukaszewski

James E Lukaszewski

“C-Suite” leaders, small business owners and professional communication personnel are invited to attend a unique, local opportunity to hear from an American business legend in the field of crisis leadership recovery and corporate communication, reputation risk management and crisis response.
James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA is an author, speaker, advisor, coach and counsel to business leaders throughout the world.  James’ trademark is America’s Crisis Guru® and he has been called “one of 28 experts to call when all hell breaks loose” by Corporate Legal Times.

At the session on October 27, James discusses how:

  • Responding quickly in the first 60-120 minutes of an emergency or disaster can save assets, markets and reputations
  • How managing victims immediately with humanity and compassion will de-escalate the visibility that poorly handled victims always causes
  • Bad news always ripens badly
  • The reputational toxicity of silence
  • In crisis, leadership’s most effective and powerful tool is communication (What else do you have?)
    • Seven Communication Strategies That Will Calm Things Down
    • Even if your response is letter perfect, bungle the communications and your response will be remembered as a stumble, fumble, and bungle.
  • Eight Failure Behaviors to Avoid
  • The Five Toughest Decisions Leaders have to make in Crisis
  • How handling emergencies well can build trust and enhance your reputation
  • The Seven Crucial Ingredients Every Crisis Plan Should Have
  • Answers to your questions
  • And much more wisdom from America’s Crisis Guru

Watch The Video Below:

James is the author of “Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication: What Your CEO Needs to Know about Reputation Risk and Crisis Management,” that was selected as one of “30 Best Business Books of 2013.

Lukaszewski also penned, “Why Should the Boss Listen to You? Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor.” James speaks to business and professional communicator audiences, management teams, Lawyers, HR Experts, Security people, Strategic Planners, all the staff functions, as well as CEOs throughout America and Canada. In early October, he will lead an advance crisis communication strategy session for PRSA in New York City and he is scheduled to present at the Public Relations Society of America International conference in Atlanta this November. Don’t miss this unique local opportunity to learn from an American business legend in crisis leadership recovery, risk management and corporate communication and crisis response.

Remember, in crisis, who they fire first: Hint, it’s not the communicators.


Board Member Spotlight – Michelle Mambuca


How did you hear about the PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter?

My senior year of college I interned for Denyse Mesnick at Beasley Broadcast Group’s Corporate Headquarters in Naples. Denyse was involved in PRSA and took me with her to luncheons as a guest. It was great to tag along and get exposed to the PR world outside of college. I had a wonderful experience and learned so much at the luncheons!

What made you want to join as a member?

I was starting my career in the SWFL area and was looking for my next opportunity so PRSA was exactly where I needed to be. In this community everyone knows everyone and it was a smart way to network and get my name out there in the professional world. Also, I’ve always loved to network and I was involved in the student PRSSA and FPRA chapters at Florida Gulf Coast University so this was a different opportunity that I was excited to be a part of! I’ve enjoyed being a member for the past 4 years now!

Why did you join the PRSA Board and what position do you serve?

As a member I would help the board in any way that I could, like with communications and blog posts for example. When I knew I had the time to commit to a position I jumped right in! The board could use the help and I was happy to be there to assist. I now serve as the Gulf Coast Chapter’s Secretary. It has been a wonderful experience with an amazing group of people!

Where do you currently work and what is your day-to-day like?

I’m a Health and Beauty Consultant for Arbonne International. Arbonne International is a vegan company and abides by the European Union Standards so it has the highest quality of skincare, nutritionals, hair care, sun care and cosmetics. We have something for everyone! This opportunity is perfect for me because I own my own business but have so much flexibility! I’m my own boss, make my own schedule and work when I can or want. It’s so much different than my past jobs which were mainly 8-5pm so my day looks different every day and my week is not the typical 40 work week anymore. :)

What do you love best about your job?

I love helping people! I wake up every day with a passion for what I do. Even though Arbonne has been around for 35 years only 1% of the world has heard of them. So I get to be the word of mouth advertiser and educate people about what they’re putting onto their skin and into their bodies and how to live a healthier lifestyle. This job will also enable me to work from home and raise a family and be able to afford to do so. But the BEST part about my job is I get to pay it forward to others and help them accomplish their goals and dreams as well!

What do you enjoy doing on your spare time?

I have ample time to enjoy with my husband, Frankie (we got married last year on 12.13.14)! We love to spend time with our family and friends in Naples and Ft Lauderdale, we are involved in our church, we love to lounge by the pool, cook and bake delicious goodies and also travel! We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel more often and have visited family in NY this summer and we are going there again soon! Life is Good.


For more information and to hear my story check out my website:


September 2015 Featured Event: PR Internships: How To, Best Practices, Tips for Success

PR Internships: How To, Best Practices, Tips for Success

Tuesday, September 22, 11:30 network, Noon program
Hilton Naples

Internships have become a preferred strategy for businesses seeking to identify high performers for future employment. They also offer students an excellent path for learning workplace skills.  There are many benefits of internships but sometimes misunderstandings about the proper role of the intern in an organizational setting can cause a sour experience.

Join Gulf Coast Chapter PRSA on September 22 to hear from higher education representatives, students and business professionals who will provide insight on the internship process and share success stories. You’ll also learn best practices, legal and qualifying requirements, ethical considerations and tips for success. Plus, discover what today’s PR and communications students are learning and how this next generation will shape the field.

Our featured speakers are FGCU Public Relations instructor Pamela Cox-Nulman, MS, APR, CPRC and Dr. John Meyer, Dean, School of Business and Technology at Florida SouthWestern and researcher and author for the Workforce Now project, a regional research initiative established to identify current and future talent requirements for the five counties of Southwest Florida.

To Register – Click Here


Pamela Cox-Nulman, MS, APR, CPRC
Instructor, Florida Gulf Coast University
College of Arts and Sciences
Communication and Public Relations

Pam Nulman

Pam Nulman

Passionate about lifelong learning and naturally restless and inquisitive, following a 25-year career in public relations Pam transitioned from the corporate office to the classroom. Today, she is a full-time faculty member in the Communication Program at Florida Gulf Coast University where she teaches upper division public relations courses.

Pam earned her master’s degree in communications management from Syracuse University and her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Arizona State University. She holds two professional public relations certifications: APR (Accredited in Public Relations) from the Universal Accreditation Board, and CPRC (Certified Public Relations Counselor) from the Florida Public Relations Association.

Prior to joining FGCU full time in 2014, Pam taught as an adjunct professor for three years. A staunch believer in the power of mentoring, Pam volunteers as a faculty advisor and liaison between the professional Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) chapter and the FGCU student FPRA chapter.

Pam’s work in public relations has earned numerous industry awards, including recognition for her support of students. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and the Florida Public Relations Association.


Dr. John Meyer

Dr John Meyer 2Dr. John Meyer, Dean of the School of Business and Technology at Florida SouthWestern State College, holds a DBA in Management from Argosy University and an MBA from Hodges University.  He has served in public and private education for nearly 20 years. He also has over 20 years of business and leadership experience where he owned and operated privately held automotive ventures, conducted corporate training, and practiced managerial consulting.  His areas of academic interest include person-organization fit and the relationships that organizational and occupational cultures have on human behavior and, by extension, the success of organizations. His areas of personal interest include almost everything automotive.

Dr. Meyer is an active researcher and author on the Workforce Now project, a regional research initiative to identify current and future talent requirements for the five counties of Southwest Florida. The Workforce Now initiative was designed to provide better information on workforce gaps including skills and characteristics desired by regional employers.  The plan is to deeply study industries or sectors each year to provide a continuous stream of information from employers to educational institutions, and to look for ways to create dialogue and new partnerships between businesses and educational institutions.

Dr. Meyer believes that Workforce Education has never been more significant and appropriate than it is today and he passionately looks forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to continue to grow FSW’s School of Business and Technology while keeping its programs academically rigorous, applicable, practical, and professional.


Insights from the PRSA Sunshine District Conference 2015 in Disney

IMG_3961Seven members of Gulf Coast Chapter PRSA participated in the recent PRSA Sunshine District conference held in Walt Disney World, Orlando. A few offer their thoughts/insights gleaned from the experience…

From Deb Jonsson…

I had a great experience learning, networking and taking advantage of the fun venue. Opening night was magical!

My favorite session was with keynote opener Duncan Wardle of Creative Inc. Duncan provided a different perspective on creative collaboration. He encouraged us to “make creativity a habit” and informed us that “the best ideas come from a calm, relaxed brain.”

PRSA National Chair Kathy Barbour informed us that PRSA is “continuing to adapt and evolve to stay relevant.” The strategic plan includes multi-year initiatives and APR is still a high priority. She shared insight on new business trends for integrated marketing communications which include a mix of paid, earned, shared and owned content. She also talked about her experience with the trending new social media tool, Periscope.

IMG_3958Disney manager of executive communications Cappy Surette discussed the importance of story-telling because, “story is the DNA of humans.” He also provided great tips on public speaking. He said speakers must bring passion and heart to the “stage” and in order to convey authenticity, practice makes perfect. He told us that attendees want to be entertained and speakers should follow the 3 Ps: Performance, Pacing and Practice.

Sam Ford from Peppercomm discussed the differences between an audience and publics. He reminded us that publics exist without you. He said, “Today we are communicating to and must serve the 360 degree person who sets his or her own personal criteria for sharing.” He also offered a test for social content… if your content does not make your audience say, “Holy Smokes!”, don’t post it!  He also encouraged communication professionals to put ourselves in the customers’ or clients’ shoes: get in line, fill out the forms; and read every piece of communication going out the door with the mindset of your audience, not the mindset of what the organization wants to say.

Board members and Mickey

Board members and Mickey

From Russell Tuff…

The best parts for me were, 1. Meeting and sharing with other professionals from across the state, 2. Remembering things I already know and keeping them in practice in my efforts, and 3. Learning new tricks of the trade from experienced professionals across a wide variety of industry spectrums.

From Judy Bricker…

My favorite speaker was the Disney exec [Duncan Wardle].  I have already been using his techniques on how to broaden a good idea, rather than squelch it!  When someone provides a germ of an idea, say YES AND…. Rather than “BUT” followed by all the reasons why it won’t work.  Cultivate the creative thought wherever it goes.  You never know where you’ll end up.

Keep creative brainstorming groups SMALL (4 people).  Any larger loses its focus.

His acronym: SUN stuck with me…
Suspend judgment
Understand the idea and ask questions
Nurture the idea

Disney Exec, Speaker, Duncan Wardle

Disney Exec, Speaker, Duncan Wardle

Introduce PLAY into your work day.  Play can be creative.  Play can be constructive.  Play can be positive.

I loved the conference!

From Alyssa Scheidemann…

I had a few favorite sessions. My first favorite session was the first one about thinking differently with the speaker Duncan Wardle because I felt it was very inspirational. I am a very creative person by nature, so I enjoy anything that encourages creativity as a way of thinking and approaching ideas. My second favorite session was the Power of Story, the other Disney one, because there were some good best practices mentioned. My last favorite session was the crisis communication one, about Facebook and social media because it was much needed for me to learn about. The best shareable take-away(s) to me were a mix from the Think Differently and the Power of Story, which were to think creatively and listen to other ideas, words are powerful, and that the stories that connect and relate to people have the most impact.



New Board Member Spotlight – Julie Pedretti, MBA, FACHE

What made you want to go into the public relations field?

I got into the marketing and public relations field at my first full time career position at a bank in Milwaukee. Then I was working in the market research department (understanding customers and why they make certain decisions) and became very interested in that. I started in health communications at a large health system in Milwaukee, and eventually become director of Marketing and PR at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), which I absolutely loved!

Why did you become involved in the PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter?

I wanted very much to continue my professional development. I was finally living and working in Naples so it was a great opportunity to get into the PRSA organization and its local chapter. I want to advance to the PRSA fellowship, as I had with the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE). The FACHE is an accreditation that has a similar process to the APR certification. I’m anxious to get started with the APR certification this fall!

What is a typical day like for you at work?

My days are not typical because the role I have is so varied. My title at NCH Healthcare System is Director of Development – Annual Fund & Communications. I’m responsible for planning and implementing direct mail and email campaigns and other efforts to support donor acquisition and retention for the NCH Healthcare Foundation. I also develop collateral material to assist major gift officers with their donor relationships and manage the Foundation’s media relations, advertising, public relations, website and social media efforts. I’m very proud of our media relations, as we’ve had wonderful PR for our key fundraising events. My role is a very broad one; it’s a new position for the NCH foundation. I’m learning a lot about fundraising from the team.

What made you decide to join the PRSA Board?

When I join an organization I always get involved. There was an opportunity right away to fill the open treasurer position, and for me it was a way to jump right in and become engaged. I’m having fun and it’s a great way to meet people right away as well!

4-2015 Pedretti-lowres

Photo taken at the 2015 Magnolia Ball which Julie helped staff in April. This event was a NCH Healthcare Foundation fundraiser that benefited the William & Susan Dalton Oncology Unit. For more information please visit the NCH Healthcare System website: & the NCH Healthcare Foundation website:

Do you have any hobbies or talents outside of work?

I love to walk the beach! One of the reasons I moved to Florida was for more beach time. I also love to play golf and most weekends I’ll get into 18 holes of golf. This is such a wonderful place to live and work!


August 2015 Featured Event: Gulf Coast Chapter PRSA 15th Anniversary Celebration

Gulf Coast Chapter PRSA 15th Anniversary Celebration

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Gulf Coast Chapter of PRSA and we invite you to join us for a special afternoon celebration at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Naples.

Come to Celebrate:

  • Network with colleagues, enjoy delicious hors d’ hoeuvres and cocktails, and join in a toast to the Gulf Coast Chapter PRSA. We’re proud to have served as your local resource for public relations professional development since 2000 and look forward to celebrating this milestone with you!

Come to Learn:

  • Discover how Edgewater Beach Hotel remains a viable and flourishing vacation destination in the heart of Naples. Sandra Rios, Oceans Properties, Ltd. Director of Marketing and Communications, will provide a short program and offer tours of the recently refurbished resort.
  • Curious about membership or joining the Chapter board? Visit with your 2015 board members to learn about the member benefits, current promotions and incentives and ask us about Board service
  • Wondering what’s entailed with earning your Accreditation in Public Relations? Chat with APR’s in attendance to learn about the process and the professional benefits it offers.
  • Sometimes the best learning comes from the conversations and ideas shared by your colleagues. Take advantage of an extended networking session.

Come for the added benefits:

  • Enter to win door prizes including a $100 gift certificate for use at the Edgewater Hotel restaurant or a complimentary admission to our October professional development seminar featuring James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA!
  • PRSA Members: Help us build awareness by registering a non-member as your guest – they get the member price and you earn an extra entry into our door prize drawings!

Date: Tuesday, August 25

Time: 4 – 6 PM
Program features short program, hotel tour and extended networking

Location:  Edgewater Beach Hotel, 1901 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, FL 34102

Price: $27.00 PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter Members / $35.00 non-members
Registration fee includes hors d’ hoeuvres and one complimentary cocktail.
Cash bar also available.  Complimentary valet parking.

To Register – Click Here


Sandra Rios

Sandra Rios

Sandra Rios

As the Director of Marketing and Communications for The Resort at Longboat Key Club, Ms. Rios oversees the strategic marketing and public relations efforts for the 410 acre luxury resort and private membership club in addition to a number of other beachfront resorts in Ocean Properties’ Southwest Florida portfolio.

Prior to joining the Ocean Properties, Ltd. team, Ms. Rios was the Director of Sales for World Yacht, Inc. in New York, the Director of Public Relations and Business Development for Longwood Events in Boston, MA and Newport, RI and also served as the Public Relations Manager for the MGM Grand at Foxwoods and Foxwoods Resort Casino.  During her tenure there she was responsible for strategic marketing and public relations plans for numerous multi-million dollar expansions including the pre-opening publicity and grand opening events for the MGM Grand at Foxwoods and Lake of Isles, a 36 hole Rees Jones designed golf complex.

Ms Rios was integral in establishing Foxwoods Food & Wine Festival in conjunction with Food and Wine Magazine as well as crafting opening events and publicity for restaurant partners including Craftsteak by Tom Colicchio, PRIME by David Burke, Alta Strada by Michael Schlow and Hard Rock Café. Publicity placements at Food Network’s “Chopped”, the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, 60 Minutes with Dan Rather , NY 1 and Fox News, among others, garnered national exposure for the property.

While at MGM Grand at Foxwoods she participated in the design and rollout of multi-cultural marketing programs directed toward the Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean customer base as well as publicizing the first simulcast racing from the Hong Kong Jockey Club. She implemented publicity campaigns for luxury retail partnerships with Judith Ripka, Chopard, Bvlgari and Rolex brands and managed national sponsorships with MLB and NBA teams including the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, NY Knicks, NY Yankees and NY Mets. Strategic regional marketing partnerships included Fleet Center, Boston Garden (currently TD Garden) and Madison Square Garden where she occasionally served as on-air talent for Sports Business Report on the MSG Network.  She currently works with numerous cultural and non-profit organizations in the Sarasota area including the Asolo Repertory Theater, the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Mote Marine Aquarium and the RCLA Town Hall Series to enhance the community and private business partnership climate in Sarasota County.

She is a member of the VISIT SARASOTA Marketing Council, the VISIT FLORIDA Communications Committee, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Marketing Committee and the Executive Marketing Committee for Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce.  She sits on the Board of Directors for Save Our Seabirds, Inc. and St. Armands Circle Merchants Association.

Ms Rios was most recently honored as a 2015 finalist in SRQ Magazine’s “Women in Business” awards and has been named to the 2015 “Women in Business Leadership Council”. Business accolades achieved to date under her direction include 2015 Power & Motor Yacht Top 25 Marinas, North America, 2013 Travel + Leisure Top 500 Hotels &Resorts, Worldwide, 2012 Tennis Magazine #1 Tennis Resort, Gulf Coast, 2009 Silver Anvil Award for Grand Opening event for WPT World Poker Room at Foxwoods and the 2008 Bronze HSMAI Award for 2008 Grand Opening Event for MGM Grand at Foxwoods.  She is a resident of Longboat Key and a frequent traveler to New York to visit her son Juris, daughter Larisa and Grand Dog, Macho.


Coastal Skin Surgery and Dermatology seeks DIRECTOR OF MARKETING

Now accepting applications for a Director of Marketing.

The Director of Marketing is responsible for all internal and external marketing efforts including but not limited to, advertising campaigns, branding, website and social media campaigns, coordination and execution, business development initiatives,  physician referral relationship management, event coordination and community outreach efforts.

The ideal candidate will have excellent written and oral communication skills and proven experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies to include digital media, website management,  community events and branding. In addition to the marketing strategies our ideal candidate will bring innovative ideas to the practice to promote Coastal Skin Surgery and Dermatology to our community.

Qualified candidates, please forward your resume to


Board Member Spotlight – Pamela Fultz

What did you study in college?

For both my Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees, I studied Communications. I obtained an internship at a radio station during my sophomore year of college, so my focus turned toward broadcasting as a specialty. My Master of Science degree is in Corporate & Organizational Communications with an emphasis on Leadership.

How did you become involved in public relations and the PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter?

After spending more than a dozen years as a reporter and anchor for radio and television, I decided to transition into public relations. The industry seemed to be a good fit for my skills, allowing me to research and disseminate positive organizational stories. Once entrenched in the new industry, I discovered PRSA through a professional connection. I attended one lunch meeting and enjoyed the topic, as it was timely and industry-relevant, so I decided to become a member.

What is a typical day like for you at work?

There is no typical day when it comes to community outreach and public relations. As Manager of Community Relations for Vi at Bentley Village, I formulate and implement the media relations strategy and manage the corporate partnership plan. It is my job to coordinate visits by local media outlets, organize on-campus events for our non-profit partners, direct off-campus outreach activities, and oversee multiple sponsorships and professional affiliations. One day I may be attending a formal affair, but the next day I may be assisting with a golf tournament.

Tell us something unique about you. Any hobbies or talents?

I was raised on a farm in rural Ohio, so I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. On Saturdays and Sundays, I spend my mornings bicycling through Olde Naples. When I am not on my bike, I am walking on the beach, reading, or traveling.

What is the future like for you?

I begin a doctoral program this fall, so I am about to get even busier. I enjoy learning from and interacting with others who are focused on enriching their knowledge through advanced academics. I am excited to commence my exploration of organizational leadership through the Doctorate of Education program at Northeastern University in Boston.

What made you decide to join the PRSA Board and what position do you currently hold?

I serve as Programs Chairperson for the PRSA Board. I chose to join the board in order to enhance and magnify my knowledge base and to grow my professional contact list. So far, the experience has been remarkable. I am humbled to work with such a talented group of public relations professionals!



Community Foundation of Collier County seeks DIRECTOR OF MARKETING

Director of Marketing

Seeking a Director of Marketing for the Community Foundation of Collier County in Naples, Florida. The Foundation’s mission is to “improve the quality of life in Collier County by connecting donors to community needs and providing leadership on critical community issues. For good. Forever.” The Community Foundation is growing and has over $100 million in assets and 510 funds.

The candidate must have a four-year degree in advertising/marketing or similar field and five years of marketing experience, preferably in the nonprofit sector. Experience with community foundations is a plus. The Director of Marketing is responsible for creating and producing all communications including copy, design and production of print and digital newsletters, the annual report, press releases, all flagship publications, advertisements, correspondence, Powerpoint presentations and social media postings. The candidate will also be responsible for editing and updating the website using WordPress.  The Director of Marketing also provides all marketing support and collateral material for a variety of Foundation events.

The candidate must have excellent written and oral communication skills and proven experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies that enhance our brand. He or she will work directly with staff, vendors, Foundation committees, media outlets, regional publications and area nonprofit agencies.

Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Please send resume to the Community Foundation of Collier County, 2400 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 300, Naples, FL 34103 or email to by July 3rd, 2015.


Board Member Spotlight – Alyssa Scheidemann

AlyssaS_July2014What did you study in school?

In high school I was involved in TV Production and originally wanted to be a news anchor. In college I was on the Communications Studies degree path but I decided I was not interested in this form of communication. I thought about switching my path to public relations but I stayed with Communication Studies and was able to take writing courses; I always had a passion for writing. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and after college started with ASG Software Solutions.

How did you become involved in public relations and the PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter?

I was always interested in learning about public relations and pursuing that avenue. When I was a Marketing Coordinator at ASG Software Solutions I was working with a former coworker at the time and she took me to a public relations networking luncheon in Ft Myers. I really enjoyed the luncheon, I learned a lot but I was hesitant to join that chapter because of the distance (I live and work in Naples). It was always in the back of my mind, to join an organization like this and ASG gave me the opportunity to be involved in one! Last year my mom saw a luncheon online for PRSA and some of her friends were attending so she encouraged me to go with them. So I went to that luncheon and that was it!

What is a typical day like for you at work?

I create and manage the email systems and email marketing at ASG Software Solutions. It could be a hectic and crazy day or it can be laid-back, it all depends on the current projects and deadlines. I love my job and the opportunities that I have been given!

Tell us something unique about you. Any hobbies or talents?

I’ve always loved writing! I have three young, female cousins and I was inspired to create a children’s book to give them inspiration. The book is titled The Enchanted Forest and I wrote and illustrated the children’s book myself by using a graphic design program on my computer. The Enchanted Forest was published in 2012 and is the first of The Allegra Series. I also practice yoga twice a week, I love boating and playing tennis and I just started stand-up paddle boarding as well!

What is the future like for you?

I’m working on applying for a Master’s program. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. After I get my Master’s degree I plan on getting my APR. My education and career are priority to me but I will always continue being involved in the community and writing, both are a huge passion for me!

What made you decide to join the PRSA Board and what position do you currently hold?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to expand my PR knowledge and to be more involved. I joined the board as the Communications Chair. Being on the board is so much fun, we have a great group of leaders! Funny story, a month before I was asked to join the board at a PRSA luncheon a member asked me if I was on the board. So I think it was meant to be!

For more information please visit

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